Q: Thank you. Thank you for allowing us to marvel in your beauty.


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Q: How the heck aren't you famous yet? You are freaking gorgeous and are amazing model! Keep it up! PS: How is it possible that you only have 200 likes on your facebook page? That is just madness!

Lol I have no idea jk jk. Thanks :). But probably because I don’t really use it/promote it that much. 

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Q: You're so beautiful that it hurts my heart.


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Q: Wife? 🙈 lol sucks I'm only 19, you're extremely beautiful though!

Lol thank you.

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Q: Such a lovely woman, and I love your piercings.

Thank you ^_^

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Q: You might be tired of hearing this but are you related to Maia Campbell?

Never heard that, and I don’t look like her lol. 

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So I…

Haven’t been updating my pages that much lately, because I’ve been really busy (for whoever cares lol).

I’m about to pass out as I’m writing this lol.

But follow me on Instagram and Twitter:

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Q: Love your photos! You are extremely beautiful ^_^

So are you! =) Thanks!

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Q: Just listened to Independent... Really enjoyed it... Remind me of a song I worked on a while back... Keep it up!

Thanks so much! =)

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krystalfangxo - knowideaphoto
Interview with Krystal Fang


New Post has been published on http://kendevo.com/interview-with-krystal-fang/

Interview with Krystal Fang


Krystal Fang is a 23-year old model residing in San Diego, California.

How would you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey! It’s Krystal Fang, 23 year old model and singer located…

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Q: Hey, I just learned about your awesome blog but don't see an "about" section. Where can I learn more about you and your background? I look forward to meeting you on LShima's podcast next week. Until then, have a good one.

I hate about me sections lol. #sorryimlate

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